The best surf forecasting books

Surf forecasting books: the university of waves and surfing

Surf forecasting books are an encyclopedia of surf science. It’s easy to understand how swell models work and how waves are formed until they reach our shores.

Modern swell forecasts are accurate surf reports. If you’re willing to know when and where you should head for the surf sessions of a lifetime, it’s important to consult wave height forecasts, wind speed and direction analysis and wave period charts.

Today, you can learn how to forecast great surfing conditions for your region. In a couple of days, and with a couple of surf forecasting books, you are able to make your own maritime forecast.

Low and high pressure systems, wind force, fetch, tides, shoaling, refraction, water temperatures, swell decay, steepness, trough, wavelength and bathymetry are some of the surf forecasting concepts that can be easily learned after reading these surf and weather books.

The Wetsand Wavecast Guide to Surf Forecasting” is one of the most well-written surf science books. The author, Nathan Todd Cool, shows how you can make surf forecasts with simple calculations and free publicly available data.


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